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Karin Pine

Healing Sanctuary
About This Project

An expert “pain tracker,” Karin Pine has been the “Go-To” Bodyworker at every Bhakti /Shakti Fest for many staff members, musicians and an always-full schedule of clients.   Much more than a massage therapist; she is a Master Bodyworker.

Karin accomplishes immediate, often long-term, relief for all sorts of chronic or acute challenges with her “UnDoing Bodywork.” “UnDoing,” she laughs, “is resetting your body to factory defaults!”  UnDoing is Karin’s own unique new fascia therapy which, though deep, slow, intuitive and soothing, is particularly useful at freeing range-of-motion restrictions with laser-precision.

The results can be astonishing, as clients often report that “the pain is just gone!” This includes many conditions they thought they would have to live with (including back spasms, whiplash, rotator cuff/frozen shoulder injuries, sciatica, restless leg syndrome, yoga injuries, etc.)  Karin is a longtime professional Taoist Healer with over 30 years of study, training, classes, devotion and hands-on experience in forms of structural, energetic, somatic, anatomical and emotional healing too numerous to list.  Though she travels worldwide to take care of clients, her home is in Tecopa Hot Springs, CA near Las Vegas, NV.  In addition to seeing clients at her practice in Tecopa, she also offers private retreats, practitioner mentoring and training sessions in fascia therapy

as well.

More info at www.BestHealingMassage.com

Office Phone:  760-852-4478

Cell Phone:  760-686-5373

Email:  mailto:Planetshpr@aol.com