Alexander Sharone, CMT
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Alexander Sharone

Healing Sanctuary
About This Project

Alexander listens deeply to your body’s innate wisdom, drawing upon a variety of therapeutic healing modalities and an intuitive awareness of the mind/body connection.

Each session is unique to the client, taking into account many factors such as bio-mechanical alignment, fascial and muscular holding patterns, stored emotions, and energetic blockages.

Alexander helps guide you towards the expression of your fullest potential, and works to facilitate the     unwinding and release of your embodied consciousness so that you experience a wider range of motion and a greater sense of balance in all aspects of your being.

Every moment is an opportunity to breathe more deeply, to release all that no longer serves you, and to reconnect with your true nature.

Massage & Bodywork Healing Modalities

  • Deep Tissue
  • Swedish Massage
  • Connective Tissue Flow
  • Polarity Therapy
  • Craniosacral Unwinding
  • Structural Integration

Alexander trained on the island of Kaua’i at the Pacific Center for Awareness & Bodywork, completing 700 hours.  Other studies include Craniosacral Unwinding at the Life Energy Institute in Topanga Canyon.

Alexander sees clients at his private practice in Topanga Canyon and outcall by appointment.  He is also in training to be a Motion Mechanic at the Human Garage.

“All dined on the same mysterious divine manna of nourishing love.” – Hafiz