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The yoga of art is, through our music, through our dance and through every aspect of our life we are tuning in to the frequency of divine grace. And through our art, we become transmitters to uplift humanity and uplift the world to that divine grace.”  ~ Radhanath Swami


Pre-Shakti Fest Immersion with Siva Mohan

Revolutionary Ayurveda Pre-Intensive

May 11

Join us for this very special Shakti Fest pre-immersion as we take time to dive deeper into Ayurveda.


Catch Siva before the festival for an Intensive on Revolutionary Ayurveda. Siva will debunk the whole mainstream approach of “type-yourself-live-by-these-rules” to ayurveda. Learn how it can be an approach to building awareness of energetics, and most importantly, a way to decide on what is best for YOU at any given moment in ANY situation (from what you eat, to which asana & pranayam, to whom you date). Siva will emphasize how ayurveda can be a system of personal empowerment in both physical and emotional wellbeing AND spiritual growth. 

More about Siva Mohan…

Siva began her path to healing in neuroscience, and this sparked her interest in the mind-body connection. In Medical School and during her Public Health Masters, she focused her studies on an extension of the mind-body relationship: the effects of community, development, and culture on health behaviour.

For Dr. Mohan, consulting in international public health seemed to revolve around a central question: How do we encourage certain health behaviour in different settings around the world?“I was most interested in the process of genuinely taking people’s lives into consideration when approaching health. I believe our lifestyles and habits determine our health, and this along with my cultural heritage drew me to ayurveda.”

Several years later, Siva shares the wisdom of ayurveda in a supportive, individualized and holistic way.

With an MD (focus in psychiatry) and a Masters in Public Health, Siva brings a unique and integrative approach to ayurveda. This combined with her personal and professional studies in Vedic thought have nurtured her niche: expanding ayurveda with psychospiritual healing.

Siva teaches at festivals and conferences (e.g. Bhakti Fest, Bali Spirit, Moksha, Assn. of Ayurvedic Physicians); develops curriculum and teaches for YogaWorks; and teaches at the nation’s premier Yoga Studies Masters Program at Loyola Marymount University in LA. Siva is the founder/director of LA’s celebration of the Vedic arts, Veda MeLA.

As a speaker, Siva’s quite versatile. Her focus tends to be on the integrative possibilities and approaches with ayurveda & Western medicine, and psychospiritual aspects of healing.

Dr. Mohan’s perspectives have been recently featured in Marie Claire, Well + Good, LAYoga, Real Simple, First for Women magazines, amongst others. Her private practice has been featured on KCLA TV, Veria TV, and she is a featured expert on several online wellness portals (LivingHealthy, BanyanBotanicals, Curejoy, Ayurvedanextdoor,, Bodhi Tree).


Price: $75

Intensive Scedule:

1pm – 5pm

(Pack your own lunch)



YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE SHAKTIFEST WEEKEND in order to participate in this pre-intensive.


Pre-Shakti Fest Immersion with Saul David Raye & Special Guest Musicians

Awakening & The Inner Path of Shakti

May 11

Deepen your Shakti Fest experience with this brand new immersion with Saul David Raye.

Prana Shakti – Soul Sadhana:

Cultivating and Awakening Prana for Health, Peace + Spiritual Awakening

with saul david raye and special guest musicians.


According to ancient yogic teachings, Prana is the gateway to the Soul – She is Mother of all things, the inner teacher and gives life, sustenance and consciousness to all beings. No concept is more important to the practice of yoga and cultivating health of body, mind and soul. This special pre-immersion  will dive more deepely into  teachings on Prana,  and practices to help us awaken and strengthen the flow of prana within, awaken  the inner intelligence and open the gateway to the soul within.   

All levels welcome – discussion, healing  pranic based asana, breathing,  meditation and chanting. 

Price: $50

Pre Festival Immersion –

Thursday May 11

1pm – 6pm 

1pm – Welcoming Circle + Chanting 

1:30 pm – Dharma Talk on Prana 

2pm – 4:30 pm Yoga Practice w/ lIVE MUSIC 

4:30 PM Tea / Snack 

5-6PM Yoga Nidraa  + Soul Centered Meditation Practice 

6:15 pm – Dinner Break ( Vegetarian Dinner included) 

8 pm  – Evening Program: Special Shaktifest All Star Kirtan 

Please bring a pen, journal or something to write on, water bottle and some light high vibration snacks. 



YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE SHAKTIFEST WEEKEND in order to participate in this pre-intensive.



Post-Shakti Fest Immersion with Govind Das & Radha

The Bhakti Awakened Heart Satsang, Kirtan and Practice

May 15 (10am – 1pm)

Govind Das and Radha (along with special musical guests) will lovingly guide shakti yogis and yoginis through a joy-filled heart sharing practice, ritual, and satsang.


In this intenstive, we will specifically focus upon and get clear with how we can bring our Bhakti Awakened Hearts back into our Post Shakti Fest everyday lives… and truly LIVE IN THE SACRED wherever we may be.

At the core of our experience we will invoke, celebrate, & praise the presence of the Love – known by many names in different cultures. This intensive is open to all ages and all levels of yoga practitioners and will be grounded in a rich and mellow devotional mood of gratitude, compassion, peace, and spiritual upliftment. Thank you. We look forward to being together.

Price: $75


Practices to tap into the medicine of the heart will include:

– dialogue, journaling, and dharma talks*

– invocation mantras, kirtan/kirtan philosophy

– teachings from the gurus, saints, great masters and scriptures

– silent japa meditation walk in the quietude of the desert*

– nectar-filled lunar slow and gentle bhakti flow and deep extended

– shavasana relaxation

– hands-on adjustments and heart-full partner yoga

– affirmations to amplify the frequency of the loving heart

*Please bring:

– pen + journal

– mala beads (for japa meditation)

– hat, sun gear (for desert walk)




Post-Shakti Fest Immersion with Michael Brian Baker

Bold New Frontiers in Heart Based Awakenings

May 15

Deepen your Shakti Fest experience with Michael Brian Baker.

Bold New Frontiers in Heart Based Awakenings

The Breath Center Liberation Training

This workshop is for those who either desire more exposure and healing with the practice of pranayama or for those who wish to begin to learn how to share the work with others.

  • Establish your own “Breath Center” home practice
  • Love F.E.A.R into its proper reconditioned state
  • Develop resolve in relationships past present and future
  • Choose karmic clearing and liberation from “the wheel”
  • Gain clarity around your life’s purpose
  • Develop a team supporting the journey towards your highest potential

This is not only a continued deepening experience with Michael but also a glimpse into The Breath Center Series 1 Facilitator Certification.

No experience necessary All levels and belief systems welcomed and celebrated.

No refunds of any kind, Investment can be applied to individual sessions or future workshops only

Link here    –

Price: $199.00 Prepaid $250.00 At the door

Post Festival Immersion –

Monday – May 15, 2017

9:30am – 5:30pm

Joshua Tree Retreat Center


YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE SHAKTIFEST WEEKEND in order to participate in this pre-intensive.