Shakti Fest Intensives - Shakti Fest
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The yoga of art is, through our music, through our dance and through every aspect of our life we are tuning in to the frequency of divine grace. And through our art, we become transmitters to uplift humanity and uplift the world to that divine grace.”  ~ Radhanath Swami

Pre-Shakti Fest Immersion with Saul David Raye, Jeffrey Armstrong & Special Guest Musicians


Divine Moon: Awakening & The Inner Path of Shakti

May 11 + May 12

Join us for this very special 1-and-a-half day Shakti Fest pre-immersion as we take time to dive deeper into the wisdom, practice and ecstatic embodiment of the Divine Feminine wisdom of Yoga and tantra.


Afternoon arrival & tent set up

4:30 pm – Bhumi Namaskar: Grounding and connecting to the living Earth. (Yoga class with Saul)

6:30 pm – Dinner *w/meal plan

8:00 pm – Evening program – Awakening & Path of Shakti with Saul & Jeffrey


7:00 am – Sunrise Meditation + Gayatri Mantra

8:15 am – Light Breakfast *w/meal plan

10:00 am – Dancing with Shakti / Atma Yoga Class with Saul

12:15 pm – Lunch *w/meal plan

2:00 pm  – Wisdom session with Jeffrey armstrong – title TBA

4:00 pm – Tea Break

4:30 pm 6:15 pm – Nectar of The Moon: Healing with Yoga Nidra + Meditation

6:30 pm – Dinner

8:00 pm – Shaktifest Evening Program with Shaktifest Artists


Price: $108


Program and camping (Wed + Thurs nights)

Dinner (Thursday)


*Optional Meal Plan: $50


Dinner (Wednesday)

Breakfast + Lunch (Thursday)

Tea and coffee

Simple, nourishing, vegetarian ayurvedic food that is non-gmo, local and mostly organic.


YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE SHAKTIFEST WEEKEND in order to participate in this pre-intensive.



Post-Shakti Fest Immersion with Govind Das & Radha


The Bhakti Awakened Heart Satsang, Kirtan and Practice

May 16 (10am – 1pm)

Govind Das and Radha (along with special musical guests) will lovingly guide shakti yogis and yoginis through a joy-filled heart sharing practice, ritual, and satsang.


In this intenstive, we will specifically focus upon and get clear with how we can bring our Bhakti Awakened Hearts back into our Post Shakti Fest everyday lives… and truly LIVE IN THE SACRED wherever we may be.

At the core of our experience we will invoke, celebrate, & praise the presence of the Love – known by many names in different cultures. This intensive is open to all ages and all levels of yoga practitioners and will be grounded in a rich and mellow devotional mood of gratitude, compassion, peace, and spiritual upliftment. Thank you. We look forward to being together.

Price: $75


Practices to tap into the medicine of the heart will include:

– dialogue, journaling, and dharma talks*

– invocation mantras, kirtan/kirtan philosophy

– teachings from the gurus, saints, great masters and scriptures

– silent japa meditation walk in the quietude of the desert*

– nectar-filled lunar slow and gentle bhakti flow and deep extended

– shavasana relaxation

– hands-on adjustments and heart-full partner yoga

– affirmations to amplify the frequency of the loving heart

*Please bring:

– pen + journal

– mala beads (for japa meditation)

– hat, sun gear (for desert walk)