Shakti Fest Intensives - Shakti Fest
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The yoga of art is, through our music, through our dance and through every aspect of our life we are tuning in to the frequency of divine grace. And through our art, we become transmitters to uplift humanity and uplift the world to that divine grace.”  ~ Radhanath Swami

Pre-Shakti Fest Immersion with Saul David Raye and Govind Das & Radha
Special musical guests:  Jim Beckwith & Tulsi Devi

Living from the Heart! Bhakti + Yoga for the Flow of Life

May 10th


1pm – 6:30 pm 
( Includes Vegetarian Dinner + Shaktifest evening program 8pm – 10pm ) 


Please join us for this intimate pre-festival immersion as we dive deep into the heart of cultivating a deeper living, loving yoga practice both on and off the mat.  We will explore how to stay connected each day into the flow of the heart through teachings, practices and techniques that connect us deeply into the flow of life itself, both in good times and challenging times. Living yoga as the path of the heart and intimate connection with all of life.


Saul & Govind Das have been friends for 20 years and are excited to come together and share this special afternoon at Shaktifest.



Pre Festival Immersion –

Thursday May 10th

1pm – 6:30pm 

This Afternoon Immersion will include:


* 2 Yoga Practices ( solar + lunar) with Saul & Govind Das

* Teaching Circle

* Kirtan with Govind Das & Radha, Jim Beckwith, Tulsi Devi &  Saul

* Live Music

* Techniques & Practices for living yoga in everyday life

* Heart centered meditation practices

* Bhakti Yoga teachings

* Chanting Hanuman Chalisa & Gayatri Mantra

* Closing Sound Bath


Also includes Vegetarian Dinner & Camping pass for Thursday night

* Please bring a water bottle and light high vibration snacks to eat/share



1pm – Opening Circle + Kirtan + Teachings

2pm – Yoga Practice with Saul + Govin Das / live music

4pm – Afternoon break

4:30 pm – Chanting hanuman Chalisa

4:45 pm  – Dharma Talk

5:15 pm  – Deep relaxation – Yin Yoga / Yoga Nidraa practice

6:15 pm – Closing sound bath

6:30 pm – Dinner

8 pm  –  Shaktifest Opening NightProgram ( Included in the program)



YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE SHAKTIFEST WEEKEND in order to participate in this pre-intensive.



Pre-Intensive:  Ayurveda & Psychological Wellness Workshop with Dr. Siva Mohan


In this workshop, we’ll explore the core facets of FEELING GOOD, or psychospiritual health from Ayurveda. 

May 10th



If you’ve attended my other Bhakti and Shaktifest workshops, you’ll know I keep it digestible, fun, and relatable!


In this interactive workshop, we will cover: 

– Ayurvedic model of mood

– how feeling states relate to spiritual growth

– how to understand the root causes of emotions like anxiety and depression

– what you can do to shift your feelings

– Ayurvedic tools for emotional wellbeing


Thursday 1pm-3pm






Heart of Shiva Shakti Soma Prana Flow & Lunar Kirtan with Shiva Rea & Arjun Baba


Join us for a MOONday or Somavar retreat to seal in the weekend of Shakti Bhakti.

May 14th 

  Join our Post -Shakti brilliant yoga intensive with one of the best yoga teachers in the world.


Special rejuvenation session with beloved Arjun Baba and Shiva Rae.

As we come together in soma prana flow yoga, meditation, pranayama, ayurvedic massage, and lunar kirtan to integrate and rejuvenate and be centered to enter the world as the Bhakti Caravan goes out into the world.

Pre-order from Local Organic Food Trucks will be available 


8:30am-9:30am Meditation, Mantra and Prana Flow Massage (Abhyanga Oil Optional)

Tea & Nourishment Break.

10am-12:30pm  Soma Prana Flow with Lunar Kirtan with Arjun Baba

12:30pm – 1:00pm Shanti Yoga Nidra with Nada Sound Bath


Monday 8:30am – 1:00pm Temple of Rasa Rejuvenation 






What you can expect:

• Sisterhood, Connection, Celebration

• Completion, Validation, Integration


*Please bring:

– Yoga Mat 

– Journal and Pen

– Water

–  Sun Hat


YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE SHAKTIFEST WEEKEND in order to participate in this post-intensive.


Post-Shakti Fest Immersion with Hemalayaa and Zoë Kors

Shakti Emergence ~ The Pleasure and Power Immersion for Women

May 14th

Extend the heart-opening, soul-stirring experience of Shakti Fest by

journeying even deeper and higher Monday morning

with Hemalayaa and Zoë Kors.


This half-day post-festival intensive will take you deep into your pleasure centers to access your feminine power. We have a complicated relationship with pleasure. We are conditioned to feel guilt, shame, and resistance. The core of this intensive will offer tools to reframe pleasure as a spiritual practice. As women, we are wired with a great capacity to experience pleasure. It’s one of the ways in which we can rebalance our energy. When we step away from our contained, controlled lives, and soften into the expansive formlessness of pleasure, we create a space for the Feminine to rise. When we move into alignment in this way, anything is possible.

Zoë will lead you through conversation, guided meditation, awareness exercises, partner work, to release what blocks you from living your big, beautiful, authentic life. Hemalayaa will lead you through dance, yoga, and vocal expression to recover your voice, unleash your power, and embody your brilliance.

Monday 10am-1pm

Please bring:
• yoga mat
• journal and pen
• water


Price: $50

What you can expect:

• Sisterhood, Connection, Celebration

• Completion, Validation, Integration

What you will get:

• renewed sense of self

• confidence

• tools to manifest the life of your dreams

• ease of heart

• self-love and compassion

• new friends

*Please bring:

– Yoga Mat 

– Journal and Pen

– Water

YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE SHAKTIFEST WEEKEND in order to participate in this post-intensive.