Robert Garza Lomilomi - Shakti Fest
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Robert Garza Lomilomi

Healing Sanctuary
About This Project

Robert grew up on the island of Maui. He belongs to a long lineage of healers. He studied Hawaiian Healing and bodywork (Lomilomi) with the most respected Kahuna/Kapuna in the Hawaiian Islands. Lomilomi is the traditional concept of incorporating ‘mana’ (life force), with the body, mind and soul of the individual. Lomilomi allows for the ability to communicate deep into the bones via, the soft tissues. Healing can be both immediate and long term. He also incorporates acupressure, myofascial release, and deep tissue techniques as needed specifically for each individual. Robert is licensed and certified in both Hawaii and California. He has studied, practiced, and taught Hawaiian healing for the last 10 years.