Bill Wicks - Shakti Fest
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Healing Sanctuary
About This Project

Inspired with a desire to heal deep wounds and reduce stress in all beings, Bill Wicks changed his direction of healing with Chinese Herbs and Homeopathy, to hands-on Reflexology treatments.  His journey with Reflexology started when his elderly art teacher, Norma Flynn, needed an effective way to ease her arthritis pain in her hands and feet.


He trained with Dr. Jan Head (Ingham method) at the L.A. Center for Health and was awarded National Certification in 2003 by the American Reflexology Certification Board. He continues to help his regular clients with Reflexology, and has found Reflexology to be a key factor in a person’s well-being.


Bill is a healer who thrives on helping others and is very open to discussing health and psychological issues with you, enabling him to focus his attention on your specific needs.  He has traveled to Thailand and Laos to learn more Reflexology techniques.  He provides deeply relaxing sessions that can heal emotional wounds, bringing you a new sense of and opening to your life.

Contact Information:

Bill Wicks, Reflexologist

P: 310.428.2475  E: