Brad Brockbank - Shakti Fest
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About This Project

One of the core teachers at Urban Flow Yoga in San Francisco, Brad’s classes are described as joyful, loving, and intense – full of cool music, nuanced alignment cues and hands-on assists. His path to the practice began as a way to heal his injuries. A “go for it” attitude in surfing, motorcycles and hockey had left him bent, broken, and in constant pain. The progression was, to him, surprising: less pain, more range of motion, then even less pain, and soon, “sort of feeling good.” This progression became transformational, leading to unprovoked smiling at strangers, spontaneous acts of kindness, and eventually a growing state of happiness. Because yoga was never easy for him, he developed a deep compassion for those who fall down, teaching that it’s not only getting back up that matters, but also how you get up. How you treat yourself affects how you treat the people around you. Combining this attitude with many years of one-on-one apprenticeship with his teacher, Rusty Wells, has left him with an understanding of what it takes to undergo this amazing process – and what it takes to support it. In an effort to offer back what has been given to him, he also leads classes for seniors and disabled adults.