Brian Campbell - Shakti Fest
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About This Project

Brian is known as the “Yoga Teacher with Healing Hands.” His mission is to teach people worldwide how to use their hands to help relieve pain.  Brian was a Head Teacher at the Shiatsu Massage School of California in Santa Monica from 2006-2014, teaching Anatomy, Pain & Orthopedic Evaluation, Deep-Tissue, and Advanced Myo-Fascial Treatment Courses. Brian has taught Forrest Yoga in Los Angeles since 2002. In 2007, master yoga teacher Ana Forrest, asked Brian to become a “Guardian Teacher”, the highest level of distinction in the Forrest Yoga System.

At present, Brian has Bodywork & Yoga mentoring groups in Los Angeles, England, South Korea, Hong Kong, & Singapore. He teaches at Yoga Conventions, Teacher Trainings, and yoga studios world-wide. Brian is a kinesthetic teacher, healer and wizard. He is sought out as a teacher for his ability to teach on many levels at once, making the complex easy, and the simple mystifyingly exciting.