Juleann Bukovchik - Shakti Fest
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Healing Sanctuary
About This Project

60 minutes for $200

Juleann Bukovchik Boyce, Soul Doctor

You are invited to receive an experience of the highest healing techniques with supernatural power-objects and Divine energy transmissions through the meditation channels of Shiva, Mother Divine, Jesus, Buddha, and the lineage of enlightened Masters through Juleann, entrusted to her by Avatars Kaleshwarji and Shirdi Sai Baba. Juleann sees angels and Divine souls with her eyes open, and as a certified Soul Doctor, transmits high divine energy and gives supernatural healings as an instrument of the Divine to clean, purify, uplift, awaken, and heal your mind, body, heart, chakras/soul. Juleann also prescribes Master meditations instead of medications for soul sustenance. Based on your needs and intention, a soul session works at the root level beyond medical science, purifies and strengthens your chakras, speeds-up your evolution, clears karmas, heals heartbreak and relationships, awakens spiritual abilities, stops chronic pain, has healed incurable diseases, and leads one to and beyond enlightenment and more.

Avatar Kaleshwarji, who evolved to be the highest enlightened Master until now, did miracles, supernatural healings, raised the dead and even consciously died multiple times himself and returned to life (yoga samadhi); Kaleshwarji directly trained Juleann in India and told her she has the power to heal anything. After seven years together, before he left his body, Kaleshwarji told Juleann he gave her everything and to share it all; now she trains others to the same and greater. Juleann’s clients have been healed of undiagnosed and incurable diseases, chronic pain, PTSD, depression, sleep disorders, soul traveled, birthed Divine babies, awakened healing abilities, seen Divine souls with their eyes open, and more. Knowing anything possible, how may she serve you?

With 20+ years experience, Juleann’s LA-based private practice offers sessions in-person and via distance. She leads full/new moon mediations and Master classes. Join her this summer July 2-16, 2017 in India for a once-in-a-lifetime behind-the-scenes sacred journey to top power spots of the enlightened Masters to bloom your soul and activate your real life.

See www.ToLoveAllServeAll.com

(310) 869-4617