Lee Mirabai Harrington - Shakti Fest
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About This Project

Hailed as “one of the best kept secrets in the chant world,” Lee (Mirabai) Harrington is emerging as one of the most powerful and unique vocalists in the mantra music/kirtan scene. A long-time student of Tibetan Buddhism, Lee has devoted decades to the practice of mantrayana (liberation through the path of sound/mantra). When she discovered the joys of kirtan music in 2004, she felt inspired to combine the metta and wisdom energies of Buddhist mantras with the heart-opening euphoria of the devotional Bhakti tradition. The result is her much-anticipated debut album: BEYOND THE BEYOND: A MANTRA MUSIC EXPERIENCE, which was released in February 2016 via Spirit Voyage Records (and includes an all-star list of featured artists).  Lee has sung with gospel choirs, rock bands, and Tibetan monks and her voice has been described as “mesmerizing, majestic, healing, other-worldly, rich and transcendent.” For Lee, leading kirtan is not a performance, but rather a truly spiritual, devotional and healing experience. She believes that each of us has the power and ability to heal the self—and countless others—through our own unique voices and through the repetition of these mantras.

As a healer, Lee holds certificates in sound healing, energy medicine, and Pranic Healing and is a student of Tibetan Medical Mantra, Animal Reiki and Kundalini Yoga.  A dedicated vegetarian and animal advocate, Lee serves as a volunteer at animal shelters, where she offers energy healing and sings mantras to rescued dogs. For her day job, Lee is a critically-acclaimed author, freelance book editor and professor of creative writing at New York University. Her first book—a memoir entitled REX AND THE CITY—was published by Random House in 2006 and reissued by Diversion Books in 2014. She writes for such diverse publications as Bark, Salon, Huffpo and SpiritVoyage.com. She is also working on several book projects, including a memoir about her year spent living at Buddhist retreat center in Colorado and working as a decorative painter for the Great Stupa of Dharmachakra. For more information on Lee’s writing life, visit www.emharrington.com or www.rexandthecity.net

In 2016, Lee entered into a seven-year Buddhist Magyu (mother lineage) training program with Lama Tsultrim Allione at Tara Mandala in Colorado.She dedicates the merit of all her spiritual practices to her gurus and to all all sentient beings. http://www.leeharringtonmantramusic.com