MILOU AMANDA - Shakti Fest
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Healing Sanctuary
About This Project

Milou Ananda offers private sessions in Thai Yoga Massage. She has a background of Massage studies and Tantra Massage (conscious sensuality-Hawaii) Thai yoga massage (sunshine school-Thailand) Bachelor of Medical Science in Neuropsychology. 500hrs of medical yoga, Anatomy and Yoga Therapy. Milou’s heart’s deepest passion is to work with the physical body (soma) into the energetical body(prana)  to enter the body of bliss (ananda).


Thai Yoga Massage

In this session we give the body and mind a deep release through yoga stretches, meridian work and acupressure points, taking you into a state of total relaxation. The session can be done as a general relaxation as stress reduction and ease into your being or with therapeutical purpose in case of pain, injury or hormonal imbalance.