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Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in bio-energetic    Tantra fusion. She discovered the path of Tantra by accident shortly after a period of life-changing mystical experiences in lovemaking more than twenty years ago.
Dawn’s study and research is focused on the ancient and modern forms of Tantra, bio-energetics, and the actualization of human potential through sexuality.


Dawn received her degree in psychology from the University of California, Davis, and has had extensive training in Tantra, Yoga, Sexuality, Bioenergetics, Meditation, and Expressionistic Movement & Art. She has studied many schools of Tantra including Neo-Tantra, Shaktism, Kashmirian Shivaic Tantrism, Vaishnavism, Tantric Buddhism, Tantric Kriya Yoga and the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Dawn has had the honor of receiving these transmissions from some of the most acclaimed Tantric masters of modern times, Aditi Devi Ma, Christopher Tompkins, Margo Anand, Daniel Odier, Bohdi Avinasha, and Osho.


Founder of the Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute in Santa Monica, California. You can also find Dawn on Facebook and Twitter. You can read Dawn’s blog on Elephant Journal. Dawn lives in Santa Monica, California.


Sanctuary Workshop #1: Divine Lovers Rose Petal Puja & Cacao Ceremony – You’ll be guided through a beautiful lovemaking puja. You’ll discover a spherical place where every desire, wish and attainment is knowable and touchable at once. Singles & couples welcome.


Sanctuary Workshop #2: Tantra: The Path of Divine Love – You’ll be guided through the most exquisite practices I’ve yet to discover. A journey into the far reaches of human sexuality and Tantra. The path of divine love. Singles and couples welcome.


Red Tent Workshop: The Red Tent – Sacred Sexuality for Women – Since ancient times women have gathered together to dream mystical dreams, share wisdom, renew sexual power and explore the secrets of the cosmos through the gateway of their wombs.

maxresdefaultDemetri Velisarius BSW / RYT 200 /is a Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga and meditation teacher, social worker, ex- boxer, bicycle racer, and co-creator of PranaDandaYoga.


Demetri is dedicated to the living dharma and his teachings are drawn from his varied life experiences from the authenticity of the streets to the wisdom of mountain retreats.


PranaDandaYoga Workshop


In this special class for men we will learn a choreographed sequence of a moving meditation  called PranaDandaYoga.


PranaDandaYoga is an empowering mind~body training method that incorporates a five~foot staff as a guide to wield in skillful sword like movements aligning with yoga postures to create a state of flow, alertness and mental calmness.


The staff symbolizes our primal connection and becomes a natural and powerful way channel prana, stabilize the mind and embody the archetype of the guardian warrior.



Dharma Devi ~ Dana DeLong  has been involved in the Global Breathwork Community for over 35 years as a Certified Clarity Breathwork Trainer and Practitioner, inspirational spiritual teacher and guide. She travels the world, sharing the power of Clarity Breathwork~ Sacred Breath & Embodiment- A feminine form of Breathwork that is lead with gentle compassion and deep presence.  She is also certified by ARTI (Association of Rebirthers and Trainers Int’l.), and the former LRT (Loving Relationships Training) as well as Condor Blanco in Chile-a holistic and ecological mystery school. She is the co-founder of Clarity Breathwork & Clarity Productions, producing seminars, retreats and musical events around the globe, including many treks to India to immerse in the Divine Mother Festival.

Day 1. Birth Imprints & The Healing Power of Breath

The way we came into being – early messages & memories from conception, womb-time, and delivery can reverberate within us, and keep us from experiencing our beauty and true essence.   Many of us did not experience gentle birthing practices from unconscious handling by well meaning doctors & delivery teams.

This gentle yet deep feminine way of breathing into, & embracing these places inside of us – brings deeper understanding, compassion & courage to resolve what keeps us from shining fully, & opening to love.

Day 2. The Awakening Heart

The Clarity Breathwork  process helps to activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional therapy. Breath opens the energy channels in the body and allows what we have been holding onto to surface and be released. This may be suppressed emotional material, physical blocks in the body, old beliefs structures and identifications, old memories, escape patterns and addictions.  Clarity Breathwork combines counseling and insight as well as a somatic experiential process where clients gain a deep level of insight, release emotional baggage and actually feel the patterns shifting and transforming. This supports a deeper experience of freedom, fulfillment and joy in one’s life.

A truly awakened heart knows the pathway to peace & can not help but serve humanity from it’s illumined compassion.


divine_harmonyDivine Harmony is an astrologer, writer and teacher. With her background in Depth Psychology and Spirituality- she works to weave together the Dark and the Light, the mundane and the sacred, the depths and the heights in ways that promote healing and wholeness. She sees astrology as an amazing tool for self-understanding and living a more conscious, integrated life. Come attend her lectures to get the latest Cosmic Insight!


The Astrology of the Divine Feminine in 2016!
We will explore the archetypes of the Divine Feminine in astrology- including the Moon, Venus, The Asteroid Goddess (Juno, Pallas, Ceres and Vesta), as well as Black Moon Lilith. We will look at what each of them mean symbolically, how we can work with them consciously and also how these Goddess archetypes play out in 2016 (what significant transits they make to outer planets and what they mean). Bring your chart and questions to class! 


The Astrology of 2016


We will explore the major astrological transits of 2016 giving us all a head’s up on the Cosmic Weather that is incoming! This class will cover retrograde stations, eclipses, planetary transits and more. 



Kundalini Yoga and Meditation: From Shakti to Bhakti

Join Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda for a journey into the healing sound current and technology of yoga. Renowned for their heart moving live musical performances, this duo offers a transformational Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class. The Kundalini Yoga class offered will allow participants to tap into their inner power (Shakti) and through the luscious soundscape and Naad of Jaya Lakshmi, transform it to Bhakti (devotion and heart connection). Come ready to move energy, breath, dance, shake and sing! 

Kirtronica: Ecstatic Chant and Dance Workshop

‘Kirtronica’ is a term for a new genre of music that is currently being established in the yoga world:  electronica dance music combined with live Sanskrit/Indian mantra chanting.   Jaya Lakshmi was one of the pioneers of ‘Kirtronica’ with her previous band “Lost at Last”, founded in Maui, Hawaii in 1997. Over the last few years Jaya Lakshmi has composed original electronic music using Ableton Live. Similar to the the Lost at Last sound, her new music is a mixture of house, tribal trance, and down-tempo with recordings of acoustic instruments like tabla, guitar, and sarod, and Ananda on bansuri flute.  In the current duo format performing ‘Kirtronica’  live,  Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda lead participants through an ecstatic dance journey that awakens their shakti and encourages everyone to chant along, inspiring devotional trance states and deepening their connection with the divine.

Kundalini Yoga Bio:

Ananda has been a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan since 2006. He also completed and taught at numerous holistic yoga and leadership immersions at the Dharmalaya (a holistic yoga, permaculture and meditation center in Eugene, Oregon). In addition to his BA in international and sustainable business, he has a minor in East Asian Religions and studied yogic philosophy at the University of Oregon and the Dharmalaya.

Ananda Yogiji has studied under the guidance of master teachers Gurucharan Singh, Gurmukh, Guru Singh, Krishna Kaur, Ravi Logan and many more. He spent 4 years learning with Viriam Singh and Kaur in Eugene, Oregon. He has attended nine, nine day Kundalini Yoga summer solstice intensives in New Mexico.





Author | Speaker | Mystic Poet | AyurVedic Astrologer | Vedic Scholar |

Founder of VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts

Jeffrey has a unique gift to speak the ancient Vedic/Yogic knowledge in a dynamic and transformative language that inspires audiences of all ages. Featured in the CBC documentary Planet Yoga and Take Back Your Power.A monk for 5 years with degrees in Psychology, History & Comparative Religion, and Literature, Jeffrey had a successful career as an executive in Silicon Valley, and was a motivational speaker to Fortune 500 companies for 10 years before turning to teaching yoga philosophy full time. Jeffrey Armstrong is available for private AyurVedic Astrology Consultations. Contact:

THE DIVINE COUPLES: Co-creating “Divine Relationships”

According to yoga teachings there are three divine couples who are running the material world – not just a male deity. Their qualities are embodied in us, and in everything around us. In this talk, Jeffrey Armstrong reveals this clear vision of the cosmos, and once you see it – you will not be able to stop seeing the beauty of all of nature’s principles. (Ishwarapranidhan)

UNDERSTANDING SHAKTI: 9 Aspects of the Feminine Divine Revealed

As a Vedic scholar and mystic poet, Jeffrey Armstrong takes you deep into the mysteries of the Feminine Divine. According to Vedic teachings, Mother Nature and all women have nine different personalities within their being. Over time, our male dominant culture has been threatened and confused by this complexity. Jeffrey contends that this feminine diversity is the salve that heals the world, and must be embodied, nurtured, and protected by both genders. Find out how to understand and honor these nine faces of the Feminine Divine.

THE SECRETS OF RADHA & KRISHNA: The Ultimate Love Affair

Immerse yourself in the most intense and romantic union that has inspired millions of devotees around the world. As a Vedic scholar and mystic poet, Jeffrey Armstrong takes you deep into Bhakti yoga. It is said that one of the highest states of mediation is that we can approach the Supreme Being in a relationship that resembles human romantic love. When we approach Krishna in this way we are said to be “in the mood of the gopis”. Learning to practice this mediation is one of the great yogic secrets.

unnamed-8Josie Keys is a shamanic dancer, a weaver of dreams, and a deep diver  into the psyche of the body.

A facilitator of Divine Feminine Embodiment and Igniter of the Flame of Mary Magdalene. She is deeply engaged in the rising wave of this energy as it re-emerges on the Earth plane. Through the practice of Sacred Tantric Dance, Josie helps shift the old paradigm of a shut down disconnected feminine, and grounds into our bodies the empowered, luscious, fertile expressions of God/Goddess that we are meant to be—beautiful manifestations of life force in human form.

Josie started on the devotional path in 1999, when Spirit brought her onto the paths of Amma, a Tantric Priest and a Tantric Belly Dance teacher in the same year. She was a student of all three for over a decade, and became a lineage holder of the dance when her teacher retired.




A natural seeker, Josie grew up in Australia, has travelled all over the world and currently resides in Venice, California. She teaches nationally and internationally, and along her path, has brought the Energy of the Divine Feminine into all of her creative explorations. She started as a photographer, filmmaker, and graphic designer, became a 5 rhythms dancer, Intuitive Astrologer and fine artist, and now embraces and embodies the Divine Mother in all aspects of Her Creative Expression.




LarisaStowHealing and Rebalancing the Divine Feminine


In this experiential playshop we will be utilizing Shakti Mantras, movement and healing circles to facilitate and catalyze healing and rebalancing of the Shakti (divine feminine) and Shiva (divine masculine) energy currents for inner and outer peace.


Larisa Stow is a modern day mystic, student of heart-centered living and sacred sounds gypsy, touring consistently with her band Shakti Tribe.  She performs year round at festivals and consciousness raising events around the world. Inspired to help others live a heart and soul centered life, she regularly leads transformational playshops, incorporating tools from her private practice as a Transformational Life Coach, NLP certified practitioner and Prema Shakti Yoga Instructor.  She is a founder of the Shakti Tribe Peace Outreach program which brings peace concerts and transformational tools into prisons, jails, recovery centers and juvenile detention centers to teach peace paradigms to those at a cross roads.,


What if all the stars in the sky held the secret story of you in their twinkle? Jyotish is the Upaveda to Yoga, helping you to realize yourself as a cosmic being. In this workshop we cultivate the energies of Moon and Venus  chanting the planetary mantras as aspects of cosmic shakti,  and singing their songs of love. Includes chanting, live music, mantra and meditation.
Laura Plumb is a master teacher in numerous fields of the ancient science of life that arises from the Vedas and brings us Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish… time-tested and evidence-based pathways to healing, wholeness and higher self-actualization. She has studied the world over with some of the greatest luminaries of our time, practicing and sharing what she has learned from ancient, proven wisdom for modern, exciting times.
Working for decades in the fields of health and human potential, Laura is a Vedic Healer, Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Jyotish Master, Life Coach, and internationally followed blogger on Ayurvedic Nutrition ( Laura also leads annual Ayurvedic/Yoga Sadhana spiritual retreats to India and is on faculty at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh.




Hailed as “one of the best kept secrets in the chant world,” Lee (Mirabai) Harrington offers a unique form of “Buddha Bhakta” kirtan. As a long-time student of Tibetan Buddhism, Lee has devoted decades to the practice of mantrayana (liberation through the path of sound/mantra). With a background in sound healing, rock and roll, and gospel, Lee loves to lead kirtans that combine the metta and wisdom energies of Buddhist mantras with the heart-opening euphoria of the devotional Bhakti tradition. Her critically-acclaimed debut album: BEYOND THE BEYOND: A MANTRA MUSIC EXPERIENCE, was released in 2016 via Spirit Voyage Records and was included on multiple “best of” conscious music lists for 2016. 

Lee’s voice has been described as “mesmerizing, majestic, healing, other-worldly, rich and transcendent.” She has been featured at such kirtan festivals as Bhakti Fest, Shaktifest and Ahimsa, as well as at the Omega Institute, Ananda Ashram, Unity Church, Tibet House and Karma Triyana Dharmachakra monastery among others. For Lee, leading kirtan is not a performance, but rather a truly spiritual, devotional and healing experience. She believes that each of us has the power and ability to heal the self—and countless others—through our own unique voices and through the repetition of these mantras.

As a healer, Lee holds certificates in sound healing, energy medicine, and Pranic Healing. She is a student of Tibetan Medical Mantra, Animal Reiki and Kundalini Yoga.  A dedicated vegetarian and animal advocate, Lee serves as a volunteer at animal shelters, where she offers energy healing and sings mantras to rescued dogs.

For her day job, Lee is a critically-acclaimed author, freelance book editor and professor of creative writing. Her first book—a memoir entitled REX AND THE CITY—was published by Random House in 2006 and reissued by Diversion Books in 2014. She writes for such diverse publications as Bark, Salon, Huffpo and She is also working on several book projects, including a memoir about her year spent living at Buddhist retreat center in Colorado and working as a decorative painter for the Great Stupa of Dharmachakra. 

Her music website is

For more information on Lee’s writing life, visit or

In 2016, Lee entered into a seven-year Buddhist Magyu (mother lineage) training program with Lama Tsultrim Allione at Tara Mandala in Colorado. She is committed to bringing forth the teachings of the great female Buddhas in celebration of the Divine Feminine Principle. She dedicates the merit of all her spiritual practices to her gurus and to all sentient beings.


THE BUDDHIST PATH OF MANTRAYANA: An Exploration of Buddhist Mantras  It’s one thing to chant a Buddhist mantra—it’s something else entirely to understand the mantra—on a relative and absolute level—and receive teachings from a direct lineage transmission-holder. In this playful, participatory workshop, we’ll deepen our understanding of and connection with some of the most powerful and profound mantras in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. We’ll experience the energies and emanations of the deities with which these mantras are associated and learn how to properly work with these mantras to heal ourselves and others. We’ll also discuss why certain preliminaries and practices are encouraged (and often required) before one chants these mantras. But mostly we will sing, and experience a taste of “liberation through sound” which will take us Beyond the Beyond.  And we’ll dedicate the merit to all sentient beings. 

lorinLorin Roche has been teaching meditation for 44 years and his work centers on how to customize the practices to suit individual nature. He holds a PhD from the University of California for his work on the language of meditative experience. He is the author of Meditation Made Easy (Harper 1998), and The Radiance Sutras (Sounds True 2014). With his wife, Camille Maurine, he wrote Meditation Secrets for Women (Harper 2001) He lives in Los Angeles and bodysurfs daily.








Acharya Mangalananda of Ma Sharanam Ashram of Sri Anandamayi Ma will present a workshop speaking about the Principle of the Divine Mother and its importance in our spiritual life and in the life of the world today. He will sing Divine Mother chants and lead us in invoking the Devi’s Presence inwardly and help us in tuning into her Being that always surrounds  us. 

   Manoj Chalam uses humor and personal anecdotes in his lectures and workshops to illuminate Hindu mythology. An Indian-born scientist with a PhD from Cornell University, Manoj helps individuals find their archetypes in Hindu Yogic deities and teaches the 4 ways to work with an archetype as a Vedantic practice. He has also compiled a book on the symbolisms of Hindu and Buddhist deities. Manoj presents workshops on Hindu symbolisms and Tantra at yoga studios, keynotes at festivals, ashrams, and universities.

.Secret Symbolisms of Hindu Deities such as Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi, Saraswati, etc.

By Dr. Manoj Chalam

Manoj will help you find your personal deity / Ishtadevata  that helps you in your transformation that ultimately leads to Moksha or enlightenment. 

Using statues to illustrate, Manoj will relate the symbolism of Hindu and Buddhist deities to the archetypes within us. Through entertaining story telling, he will uncover their hidden symbolisms and learn the four ways to work with them as part of a spiritual practice. 


  Michael Brian Bakers’

              The Breath Center Presents

                    “Reflections 2017” 

         Illusion to Truth, Together as One

Friday May 12th 2017 4 – 5:30pm Workshop Hall 2

The Deception of Perception

Join us as we utilize sacred pranayama 

to explore individual experiences of 

through which lenses we choose to mold our world views.

No experience necessary, all belief systems welcome

Saturday May 13th 2017 3:30 – 5pm Workshop Hall 1

The Unlimited Power of Projection

Imagine a world where the “individuation” forms an effortless

alliance with divinity. Fear and greed are now obsolete, tolerance and 

compassion the highest held principals to ensure fertile soils for future generations..

No experience necessary, all belief systems welcome

Sunday May 14th 2017 3:30 – 5pm Workshop Hall 1

Reflections 2017

Anchored in the present, encouraged to simplify. What are we being shown?

Making room for the new. How granularly are we attached to the story?

What we see is what shall be. Lets gather to co-create something beautiful!

No experience necessary, all belief systems welcome

Please arrive early as doors will be secured at listed start time

Mas-VidalMas Vidal is the Director and Founder of Dancing Shiva Yoga and Ayurveda (DSYA) in Los Angeles, California, the original center dedicated to the practice, education and lifestyle of the great Vedic sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. Since its opening in 2001 the center Mas has been committed to teaching an integral form of yoga that combines the classical yoga system of Patanjali, integrated with Ayurveda’s science of Tri-dosha. Under Mas Vidal’s direction DSYA has been recognized internationally for developing a strong balance between the mind-body relationship and the spiritual principles emphasized in both yoga and ayurveda.


Mas Vidal strongly encourages education in a practical sense and as a way of life in his dynamic yoga classes. The center is aligned with various notable institutions of health and wellness, spirituality and higher learning throughout the United States, Europe, and India and maintains interaction in the areas of consulting, research and providing educational materials.



ramRamana Erickson has taught Sanskrit and yoga philosophy courses for more than twenty years in the United States, India, and Japan.


Born in the U.S., Ramana first started practicing yoga and singing kirtan at the tender age of 10 under the tutelage of Swami Vishnudevananda at Vrindavan Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California. At 13, Ramana became the youngest hatha yoga student to graduate from the Sivananda Yoga teacher training course taught by Swami Vishnudevananda himself.


Ramana is also a master kirtan musician schooled in tabla, harmonium, hand cymbals, and singing. Guided by by Swami Tejomayananda, he immersed himself in the study of Sanskrit, Vedic chanting, Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, tantric puja, and yoga. He is the tabla player and back up singer for the kirtan band Mukti featuring Prajna Vieira, and shares his deep, multi-faceted wisdom at the San Ramon Mata Amritanandamayi Center in the San Francisco Bay Area where he currently resides.


Sanskrit Workshop: Pronunciation, Past & Present


In this this 90 minute workshop, participants will have a good overview of the structure and proper pronunciation of Sanskrit using English transliteration. In addition, they will know exactly what all those dots and slashes above and below the letters mean when Sanskrit is transliterated, and will have more confidence about pronouncing Sanskrit words properly. However, this workshop is not just about the mechanics of the language. We will also go into the origins and esoteric side of Sanskrit and explain why Sanskrit is so powerful, why it is the language of Yoga and Kirtan, why it is used for mantras, how the language connects all of us to the universe at large – the macrocosm contained within the microcosm etc.


~ Friday – Workshop hall 1 from 2-3:15pm:

“Yoga and Vedic Astrology in Theory and Practice”

Vedic astrologer Sam Geppi will explore the connection between the sister sciences of Yoga and Vedic astrology. This talk begins with an overview of Vedic Cosmology and will touch on themes common to both Yoga and Vedic astrology, including Karma, the Yugas, the Chakras, the sacred number 108 and many more. We will examine important Sutras from the most sacred Vedic astrology text, which describes how (and why) Spirit takes form – as YOU and everything.

We will also examine the (Western) scientific basis of Vedic astrology and all participants will leave knowing why and how astrology works – beyond just being told to just “believe in it”.

~ Sunday – Men’s Lodge from 12:45-2pm:

“Awakening the Sacred Masculine through Vedic Astrology”

As men, we are so much more than violent warriors needing to be tamed, oppressing women and inflicting “The Patriarchy” on the world. Many men have lost the “Righteous warrior” spirit. How to direct that inner fire away from frustration, and into purpose and focus? How to stay connected to the heart without being overwhelmed by emotion and losing your way? We will aim at this target today.

These principles are illustrated with elegance and grace through Vedic astrology. I will describe these principles and help you reclaim your power and purpose in your career, and regain your heart, dynamism and focus in relationships.




DSC_5488-768x513Shellie White Light is an Illuminated Living Expert, modern day mystic, and Priestess of Play!

As a highly sought after bodyworker, internationally renowned hoop dance professional, breath work instructor and lifestyle coach, she has created a life of liberation rooted in love that inspires many. Her mission is to assist others to do the same, with their own flare and flavor! Her unique approach to coaching has helped thousands to step out of the box and into the circle of inspired living. Shellie has been traveling the world since 2010 teaching and performing hoop dance, facilitating healing work, studying indigenous cultures and living her deepest truths. Her workshops, talks and coaching sessions reflect her verve for life and all of it’s multifaceted beauty.



Day 1: Hoop Dance and The Breath


We begin at the beginning. The Breath.

Setting the tone of this class is a very powerful ancient breath work technique used for centuries to attain higher awareness and wellbeing. Using the power of your own breath we clear a sacred space for the wisdom of the very sacred and simple Circle. The Hoop. From this space of breathed bliss, we begin our dance with the basics and work our way up and down the spine with the hula hoop as our guide. This class is appropriate for all levels and is certain to excite each chakra and cell!


Day 2: Hoop Dance and The Body


We begin with a delicious dance that honors our body and every element that it is made of. Invoking the air, fire, earth and water within us, we use our external movement to move into a space of internal stillness. From there, we step into the Circle. The relationship between The Hoop and The Body is sensual, sexy and sacred. This divine shape moves around us, calling us into our most authentic selves. From this place of authentic movement, we dance! Adding onto the Breathing and Basics of Day One, we emerge as wet-winged butterflies ready for flight!


Day 3: Hoop Dance and The Spirit


Today we Rise. Up from the elements and into the realms of infinity we flow! The hula hoop may seem like a simple plastic circle, but it is actually a portal into the most mystical worlds and wonders. Imagination and sensation take flight as we spin our prayers into the earth and our own hearts. This workshop fuses the ancient Art of Dervish style spinning with the modern musings of the hula hoop. This practice takes us to new levels of love, flow and grace. This is the third and final stage of Hooplightenment: A Journey to Awareness through Hoop Dance. Hoops will be provided for class and for sale.



To Pre-Purchase a handmade hoop (or pre-order the Hooplightenment eBook) email



zach_mainZach is the host of the “It’s All Happening” podcast, kirtan artist, infrequent blogger/writer and a seasoned digital marketer and brand strategist.


Zach is also a practitioner of bhakti yoga as taught through many of the vedantic systems of Northern India. Through the practice of bhakti yoga he has found keys that unlock doorways that allow the soul to experience it’s true nature of being eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. In addition to bhakti yoga, Zach has been influenced by many different methods and traditions of consciousness exploration ranging from trans-humanism to buddhism and clinical psychology. Zach is also a frequent pundit on the political systems that are fueling societies economic systems and structures. At the core of all of Zach’s work is the belief that we have been fused together by the adoption and collective practice of using technology, spirituality and mysticism to define the very nature of who we are.

     Zoë Kors
is committed to transforming the way we hold our sexuality—both individually and culturally—and to creating a compassionate, loving world through the cultivation of a sisterhood of wildly-expressed women. She is a certified Co-Active Coach with the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA, and has a thriving private practice. Zoë’s work reflects her extensive study of Tantra, Zen Buddhism, meditation, yoga, breathwork, and other Eastern disciplines, which she blends with more process-oriented modalities of Western psychotherapy and Co-Active Coaching.

SHAKTI FEST              JOSHUA TREE, CA               MAY 10 – 14, 2018